“After a visit at the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.”- Pam Shaw Tybee

Going to the beach and soaking up the sun is good for your mental and physical health! You’re able to relax in the sun; picnic at the beach; listen to the soothing sounds of the waves and swim & ride the waves in the sea. Swimming is good for your heart, and the seawater is good for your skin.  The coastal breezes are good for your mind and soul. Walks on the beach are therapeutic for your mind, body, heart and soul too. So what are you waiting on to book your next beach vacation?

Awesome news if you have already planned your trip to the beach! I hope you booked your spring break trip here at More awesome news: It’s not too late to plan your beach trip if you haven’t already! Just don’t wait until the last minute to plan your vacation. Hotel rates and rental car prices will increase closer to your travel date. Rooms at top star rated hotels will be limited or sold out so book now.

I love spending the time at the beach and visiting beach towns.  Relaxing at the beach gives me a sense of peace and gratitude for life. I try to visit a beach at least twice yearly. I have listed some beaches that I frequent often, as well as listed activities and attractions for you to do while visiting those beach towns.

My favorite affordable beach locations:

Tybee Island Beach
Visit Tybee

Tybee Island Beach is located near Savannah, Georgia and it is one of my favorite beaches to visit annually. Tybee Island is approximately a 4.5 hour drive from Atlanta, Georgia so it is easy to load up the car for a weekend of fun with my sons.  Typically I stay at Hyatt Place Airport North Savannah which is located about 16 miles from the beach. Initially I chose this hotel because it is rated as a 4 star hotel. I fell in love with this property. The rooms are very nice, clean and spacious. Not to mention the bonus complimentary breakfast that is provided daily, and the breakfast is good! This hotel has a swimming pool, meeting spaces for small groups and each guest room has a refrigerator to stock during your stay. Hyatt Place is located near great restaurants and shopping to include Tanger Outlets Savannah. Other nearby hotels that are also nice is the Holiday Inn Express; Hilton Garden Inn; Embassy Suites by Hilton and Country Inn & Suites by Radisson. While in Savannah/Tybee Island, I also like to visit Flying Fish Bar & Grill. It is located about 5 miles from the beach. The food is very good and the prices average about $10 for a meal. I love to order the conch fritters and oysters. I also visit Paula Deen’s restaurant The Lady and Sons. I visit Forsyth Park, River Street and African American historical sites. Various river boat cruises and island tours are also offered.

Emerald Coast Destin/Fort Walton Beach

Destin/Fort Walton Beaches are located in Florida panhandle.  The beaches are miles long with beautiful white sands and emerald green waters. Destin Fort Walton beaches are approximately a 5.5 hour drive from Atlanta, Georgia. This beach town is small, but is an absolutely adorable town for tourists. There’s so much to do in Destin to include visiting Silver Sands Premium Outlets and Destin Harbor Boardwalk.  The Harbor Boardwalk has great shopping, bars, restaurants and live entertainment for families. I love to visit AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar while at the Destin Harbor Boardwalk.  Typically I book condos, villas and apartments at when I visit Destin. Other nice 4 stars rated properties to consider are Hilton Gardens, Hampton Inn and Four Points by Sheraton. My family like to visit Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park; The Track Destin; Hurricane Lane; Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. & Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park in Destin/Fort Walton.  Dolphin Tours & snorkeling is also offered in Destin area.

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach is located northwest Florida and is the gateway to Florida’s panhandle. Perdido Key is one of the beaches located near Pensacola, Florida. As a teenager I spent my summers in Pensacola, Florida. The city is small but there’s a lot to do to include shopping at Cordova Mall, Alvin’s Island and Quietwater Beach Boardwalk. You must try the great food at Paradise bar & Grill; Casino Beach Bar & Grill and Dolphin Sunset Oyster Bar & Grill. Some family attraction and fun attractions to visit are Sam’s Fun City, Fast Eddie Fun Center, Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park and various bowling alleys.  Top rated hotels are Hyatt Place, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Hilton Garden Inn.  I will be visiting Pensacola in a couple of months so visit my blog for an updated review and travel advice from me. Pensacola Beach is approximately a 5 hour drive from Atlanta and is about a 35 minute drive to Destin Florida so go experience multiple beach towns in one trip.

Jacksonville Beaches

Jacksonville beaches are located in Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville is a city situated on the Atlantic coast of northeast Florida.  Jacksonville, Florida is approximately 5.5 hours from Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy stays at Hyatt Regency and Hilton Gardens when I visit Jacksonville.  These properties are located near the river walk. Hampton Inn Jacksonville Beach hotel is another nice quiet property that I have visited while in Jacksonville. For my beach lovers, this property is located closer to the beaches.  Ponte Vedra Inn & Club is a resort that attracts luxury travelers. This property is located on the beach and offers various activities to include golfing. Of all of the beach locations listed in this blog, Jacksonville has better hotel nightly rates that are very affordable to tourist averaging $101 nightly. While visiting Jacksonville Beaches, I recommend also trying St Johns Town Center, St Augustine Outlets; Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens; Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events; Southbank Riverwalk; Batt Family Fun Center; Top Golf and Main Event Entertainment. Seasons 52, Capital Grille and Blue Fish Restaurant & Oyster bar are great eateries to try when you’re ready for a bite of seafood.


Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is located near the panhandle in Central Florida. Panama City beaches are about an hour from Pensacola and Destin. Panama City Beach is my last choice as the town is very nice with a lot to do. However, lower rated hotels are pricier than other locations mentioned above.  Tourist can book hotels, condos and resorts at also.  Some of the most popular hotels with tourists while staying in Panama City Beach are Wyndham; Holiday Inn Resort; Sheraton Bay Point Resort and Holiday Inn Express and Suites. Other than relaxing at the beach, you should also make plans to visit Pier Park for shopping; Ripley’s Believe It or Not; Race City; Beach Front Adventure Park; Pirate Island; Cobra Adventure Park and Zoo World.

Spring break is about 6 weeks so go to now to plan your stay at the beach! I can’t wait to hear all about your visit to one of the beaches and attractions that I have recommended. You just might see me at one of those locations during the spring break. “Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: if you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.”– Psyche Roxas-Mendoza



Life is unpredictable! Protect your travel investments

Do you typically purchase travel insurance when you book your flights or make your travel plans? Has your travel agent informed you of the importance of purchasing travel insurance to protect the money you have invested in travel? I encourage you to take a brief moment to read this article on travel insurance and why you should always protect your investment with an appropriate vacation protection plan. Let’s face it, things can always go wrong when you travel. You could become ill with the flu, food poisoning or intestinal virus. I will never forget becoming ill with an intestinal virus while on vacation in Orlando. Unforeseen events happen such as sudden illnesses, untimely death of a love one or inclement weather could happen anytime despite your travel schedule. Anything could happen so declining the vacation protection plan is a BIG mistake. No matter what, the best planning won’t prevent the unexpected from happening.

Imagine missing your flight due to a car crash on the highway that has caused a major traffic jam. Imagine missing your flight due to a long conference call or an emergency staff meeting at work. What happens next? You can only hope there’s room on the next flight off to your destination. You will likely pay additional fees for missing your previous scheduled flight. What happens if you fall and break your leg while on vacation or if you have a major medical crisis while in another country. You health insurance will not cover your medical expenses. Most health insurance limit coverage for out-of-country medical expenses, and most health insurance companies will not cover out of country medical emergency transportation either. So what do you do?

Recently I had to cancel my travel plans to the beach due to Hurricane Irma. I was sad about the cancellation, but I was relieved knowing that my travel insurance company would reimburse me for prepaid expenses. Thankfully I had made the decision to purchase travel insurance for that mini vacation to the beach. With travel insurance you can relax knowing you are protected every step of the way.

Travel insurance was designed for the purpose of protecting you and your travel investments. Often times customers believe their credit card company will cover their trip. This is when I have to educate those clients about minimum credit card coverage and limitations offered by the credit card companies. Credit card companies will not reimburse consumers in cases of damage luggage, travel delays, medical emergencies, medical transportation or emergency evacuations.  The coverage from credit card companies is very small. My credit card company only offered $100 credit extension for Hurricane Irma victims. If I had not elected travel coverage, I would have lost the money already spent for food and hotel cost. Airlines and cruise lines also offer vacation protection plans. However, just like the credit card companies there are a lot of limitations to their plans also.

Cruise line insurance versus Allianz travel insurance:

  • Cruise line medical coverage is lower than Allianz
  • Cruise lines give you vouchers to reschedule with them instead of a cash refund
  • You can not cancel with a cruise line without loosing fees. You can only reschedule or postpone your cruise date.
  • Cruise lines will not fly you home with a medical team in the event of major medical emergencies


Allianz travel insurance provides door to door protection, meaning all of your prepaid expenses are covered from the time you leave home until the time you arrive back home. This travel insurance puts money back in your pocket if you have to file a claim for prepaid expenses. The prepaid expenses covered include meals, hotels, gas, rental car fees and coverage; flights, cancellation and delays; illnesses, bad weather and death. Travel insurance also cover you if something happens to you, your traveling companion, spouse, parents or other immediate family members. Allianz travel insurance protects you if your luggage is lost or your possessions are stolen. With Allianz plans, you are provided a medical team and medical transportation in the event of medical crisis. I have colleagues who have shared stories about their customers who had diabetic emergencies, heart attacks, collapsed lungs or car wrecks while traveling. Their families were relieved to have trained medical professionals who were assigned to fly back with them to their home state medical facilities. Always do yourself a favor by easing your mind. Protect your travel investment.

I urge you to please contact me to purchase a plan for your vacations. Also contact me for rental car protection plan once you’ve rented a car at my website. Don’t allow your family or friends to continue to travel without purchasing a plan from me. You protect yourself with health insurance, car insurance, home insurance and professional insurance. You should do the same when you are traveling.

Shannon Sullivan, Travel Planner and Certified Travel Agent 678-208-431

What are your travel goals for 2018?

050As we approach the new year, I’m sure you’ve thought about several things that you would like to accomplish this year. Is it starting a blog? Maybe your goal is to start a new job or change careers? What about moving to a new city? Is it saving more money or perhaps it is to improve your credit score? For me, my ultimate goal is to experience life more purposely through travel. In my lifetime, I would love to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada; to New York, New York; to Negril, Jamaica & to Paris.  It is my intention and purpose to explore the world and travel!

I browse social media a lot, and I see so many young millennials traveling across this country & around this world. I communicate with a lot of wonderful people about their travel plans. Pretty much all of us have that one thing in common, and that is the desire to travel more. I have come to an understanding that desiring to travel isn’t enough. I can either join the millennials in accomplishing my travel goals, or I can continue to wish & like their pictures on Instagram. My resolve has been to book vacations numbers one and two for the first half of 2018. What about you? What are your travel goals for the upcoming year?  Is it a city trip to LA or Miami. Perhaps your goal is to travel to a country in Africa or maybe Dubai? Whatever it is, your dream of traveling the world is possible. No more excuses about work or money. All it takes is planning.


5 simple strategies that I’ve followed to pursue my travel plans in 2018!

  1. Make A List!

    Make a list of 2-4 places that you would like to visit in 2018. Be realistic! Start with beach trips, city trips, a cruise & maybe one trip out of the country. For example, my list includes a family beach trip to Destin, Florida scheduled for April. Destin is a very family friendly and budget friendly beach town for traveling families. Next on my list is a Western Caribbean cruise with extended family for June. This is perfect as my deposit was only $50, and I am able to make affordable payments. Third on the list is Essence Festival with my sisters. I booked my hotel and purchased my tickets early as prices will sky rocket closer to the date. The last trip of the year is an all inclusive resort with my family for the holidays. I made my list and checked it twice! I can’t wait to check the destinations off.

  2. Purchase Travel Membership

    I was able to travel more in 2017 because I purchased a travel membership with my company. With this travel membership I am able to book travel products at wholesale prices instead of retail prices. You are booking travel at retail prices when you book online. You’re able to save up to 70% on travel when you book at wholesale prices. No you don’t have blackout dates, and you are offered the opportunity to purchase time shares at wholesale costs if desired. Not only do I save with hotel, cruises, flights and car rentals costs, I also save with dining and entertainment discounts. With travel membership I am able to fit more travel into my budget. Whereas before, I could only take one trip no more than two trips when I purchased travel at retail prices. Purchase travel membership at my link or visit my website and click on the travel membership link. Check out my previous blog post “Travel More for Less with Travel Membership.”

  3. Save Save Save

    I prioritized traveling and saved my money. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Think about this, you go to Walmart or Target and spend $100 or more on things that you really don’t need. You spend a lot of money on shopping, eating out or splurging at the salons yet you complain that you don’t have the money to travel. Does that sound familiar to you? Two years ago, I decided to take a look at my spending habits at the end of each month. I was wasting $500 or more in shopping and eating out. I made the decision to dine out less and cook more at home. Not only did I save money by grocery shopping, I also had left overs for the next day. Another day of no spending and having the money to add to my monthly savings. I saved coins and cashed in the change prior to each trip. You can save your money through the bank with a savings account dedicated for travel only. You can also save money in a jar or piggy bank at home. My sister who is an accountant gave me this travel tip that has worked for me. Save all of your dimes in 2 liter bottles and cash them in once the bottle is full.

  4. Dedicate a credit card for travel only

    I get it! I didn’t like to use credit cards either because I didn’t want the burden of more financial debt. Then one day I decided that I was tired of excuses. I was tired of watching family & friends enjoy life. I didn’t want my life to be about all work and no play. So I applied for a credit card. I  booked a couple of trips, paid off those trips and repeat! Before I knew it, I was growing my travel portfolio with my travel membership and a credit card. This credit card is designated for travel expenses only. Not only was I able to book more trips with my credit card, but I eliminated the stress of additional fees when traveling. Most companies in the travel & hospitality industry require the use of a credit card for liability. Airlines expenses require credit cards to make purchased. Rental car companies will place an additional deposit charge if you use a debit card instead of a credit card.

  5. Utilize Vacation Days

    If time is an issue, plan your trips and vacations around time that you already have off from work. Plan your travel around the same time as your family reunion, class reunion or conference. My travel dates are scheduled during spring break, summer break, fall break & the Thanksgiving holiday. Go ahead and use your personal days or vacation days from work. You have earned that time. Making time for travel should never be an issue. Please go back to read my First Blog Post as I share the importance of taking breaks from work.

Thank you for taking the time to read my travel blogs! This year I have made the commitment to give my family the experience of meeting new people and making new memories through travel. “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” Start your travel plan by making your travel wish list. Then purchase a travel membership from me. I promise you won’t regret it. Next prioritize & save your money, apply for that credit card & submit your vacation days.


Read more about travel; subscribe to the newsletters & book travel online at Please refer your family and friends to my website! Contact me at or via my business phone at 678-208-3021. Follow me on Instagram & Facebook @shannon4travel; twitter at @sullivan_shan

Travel More For Less With Travel Membership

Do you look at family and friends pictures on social media websites and find yourself wondering “how can they afford to travel so much?” From booking a cruise to flying to an all-inclusive resort to renting a car and driving across country all in one year, your family and friends are always on the go. Yeah, bummer right? They take two or more vacations a year, and you’ve only had one vacation within the last five years. You’re still reminiscing about that vacation and only dreaming of taking another one. I am here to share with you the big secret. Most of your family and friends have travel memberships.

You can travel just as much as they do. You have the opportunity to turn your dream vacations into your reality vacations. I am sure you are thinking how is that possible? It is possible through purchasing travel membership. You will save money by enrolling in a travel membership program.  As a person whom loves to travel a lot, I know that travel membership gives you the opportunity for huge savings. Yes I am a travel agent but, I am also a travel member. I see the huge discounts and savings travel members receive on a daily basis. I did a price comparison just for you. The average retail price for a five star hotel in Las Vegas during the summer months averaged $322 per night.  The same hotels with Booking Ninja Membership averaged $282 per night.  This is $120 savings on just hotel accommodations. You will still receive savings on flights and rental cars.

bookin ninja

Prior to becoming a travel member, I tried membership with various travel companies.  I have found that Booking Ninja is the absolute best for my family as it offered the best discounts and perks.  Not only has Booking Ninja worked for me, but my clients have reported 100% satisfaction.  I can only tell you about Booking Ninja because of my satisfaction and loyalty to the program.

Booking ninja can save members 70% off the retail price.  When you book online at booking sites, you are booking travel products at retail price.  Yes you are saving, but you are not saving as much as you should. As a Booking Ninja member you will book at wholesale prices.  Just think, now you don’t have to compromise your dream destination due to your budget.  You can now take that trip to Dubai, Bora Bora or Paris at wholesale prices. Membership with Booking Ninja includes savings on accommodations, cruises, car rentals, flights, wine clubs, golf clubs, restaurant dining and more.

There are no blackout dates for Booking Ninja Members. You don’t have to wait to off peak season to travel. Most people wait to the winter months to travel, but now travel members don’t have to wait for off season. Now you can book that condo in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta anytime. The summer months are likely better for you because the children are out of school. Well take that trip in June or July. There are no restrictions when you travel.

You can choose to be rewarded with points or with money when you book.  As a Booking Ninja member, I can view my savings per trip and annually. How cool is that?  The nest feeling in the world is to travel more with my husband and boys for less. We’re headed to our third vacation of the year in a few weeks.  For more information please visit my link or click travel membership at Go travel more for less with Booking Ninja Membership!


Six reasons why you should go on a cruise

Are you stuck trying to decide where you would like to go for your next big vacation? You’re pondering about peaceful nights at a resort in Atlantis or days at the beach in Cancun, what about horseback riding in Dominican Republic or maybe poolside views in Montego Bay. Then on the other hand you think, well maybe I should sail the seas for seven to fourteen days in Hawaii or Aruba. Planning a vacation can be stressful, but it shouldn’t be. As a Travel Professional, I intend to help you make a decision between taking a land trip or going on a cruise.I have been blessed with both experiences, land trips and cruises. I enjoyed both, but I must admit that I have developed a love for cruising. I hope you enjoy reading my six reasons why I prefer cruises now.

Easy Planning
No need for the stress! Cruise Vacations are easy to plan.It is as easy as contacting your travel agent to do the work. From there your travel agent will help you choose your port of call, ship, itinerary, and cabin. You pay your deposit, and you’re all set to go.It’s just that simple! The process is that simple and easy from single bookings to group bookings. Yes you can book group cruises. Cruise Lines make accommodations for groups too.I have planned and booked family reunions by way of cruises,as well as class reunions and group graduation cruises. Your travel agent can also help you arrange airfare, as well as transfers to and from the port, hotel & airport too.Planning is so simple and easy. Let your travel agent do all of the work!

Great Value
Cruises offer great value for your vacation bucks. Cruises are typically $50-$75 per person a day. This is so good considering that your cruise fares include nearly everything you’ll need from food, accommodations,transportation between destinations; not to mention the awesome day & night entertainment.There is not extra cost for the Broadway shows. You will pay additional cost for shows and entertainment when you go on a land trips.You will also pay for your hotel accommodations, food,tips at restaurants, public transportation, gas and/or parking fees on land trips.

Stress Free Traveling
Not only is the planning is easy, but traveling is too! When you cruise you unpack once while you float from island to island. You don’t have to worry about bringing your luggage with you. Your luggage is unpacked and safely stored in your room. You don’t have to worry about driving to a restaurant for your meals.You can eat anytime you’re hungry, and you have multiple choices when it comes to food. On cruises you have the choice of buffet and fine dining. You don’t have to concern yourself with the ferry or train schedules. You would have to pack and unpack; lug your luggage along with you on land trips especially if you’re traveling to more than one location.

Changing Ocean Views
You can’t decide between Ocho Rios or Grand Caymans? Why choose when you can experience both? With cruises you can select an itinerary that offers both. Every morning you’ll wake up in a new place with a different view. With land trips you have the same view. Then as mentioned before, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of transporting your luggage along with you to the different islands.You can also schedule tours, excursions or a day at the beach during your cruise. My greatest experience was touring Nassau with Joan’s Taxi & Tourism services. I enjoyed the culture. I met new people and toured Atlantis and Nassau. Now you have the option of the added bonus to choose a cruise itinerary that offers overnight stays on land. Luxury cruise lines offer overnight stays. Hotel overnight stay in Cuba is one promotion that is offered now.

Cruise Ships are Family Friendly
From toddlers to teens, grandchildren to grandparents, cruises are designed for all ages.Cruise ships offer activities for all ages. I’ve seen Cartoon themed shows, arcades, casinos, art classes, yoga, bingo, sing along, line dancing,clubs and teens sports & social activities. Moms and dads can drop the kids off and head to movie night or romantic dinner together.Cruise ships are designed to keep everyone happy.

Social Opportunities
Cruises seems to bring out the best in people. Everyone on board the ship are very happy and friendly. Cruises provide the perfect opportunity to make new friends.You’ll meet new people at your dinner table, at the Broadway shows or by the pool.I have met friends and new clients while on cruises. We changed information, connected on social media and have maintained contact since then. I’ve met married couples who met while they were on a cruise.

Cruises are fun and very addictive. There is a saying, “If you are not on a cruise, you are either planning one or thinking about your next one.” This is very true. I was still in the Bahamas already booking my Eastern Caribbean cruise. as you can see, I love cruises for the very reasons listed above. Please share your thoughts on your preference between land trips and cruises? Where is your favorite destination and what is next on your bucket list?

First blog post

Are you one of those employees who don’t take your vacation days? Every year you accumulate more vacation days, and in most cases you loose vacation time. You are always focused on the next project, report, sales goals, task, budget or fiscal year at the job? I am here to remind you that you should take advantage of your vacation days annually. Take time off from work to enjoy life. That means shutting down the laptop; setting the out of office reply to your email and turning off the company’s cell phone. Go on a cruise. Fly to an all-inclusive resort or simply enjoy a few days at the beach.Vacation time from work is good for your mental and physical health.

Chronic work related stress causes a lot of issues to your body. I can attest to this as I noticed increased medical diagnosis when I worked in a stressful work environment: high cholesterol, weight gain, insomnia, Prediabetes and elevated blood pressure. Taking a vacation gives you the opportunity to rest your body, relax your mind and turn off the stress system. People who take vacation days are more productive. They often report less mistakes at work, increased ability to focus and to make better decisions as their minds are clear. They tend to be happier individuals/employees. It seems that more employers should encourage employees to take their vacation time. However, most will not so you have to take charge of your own health. You really should take one big vacation annually and a few mini trips throughout the year.

Why am I writing about this? This is an issue that’s dear to my heart as I watched my 61 year old aunt work very hard for 40 years. She would work ten hour shifts at one job and weekend shifts at another job only dreaming of taking vacations. Her life was centered around work and caring for her family which was a third job. She once stated, “I guess the family reunions at the cabin, my riverboat cruise or attending a beach wedding counts for something huh.” Well in 2016, she was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer which forced her to retire from work. The company that she worked for filled her position less than one month after she completed her retirement forms. As I watched her and listened to her in her final months, I was reminded to just enjoy life. My Aunt would say, “I want you to plan a cruise for me when I get better.” Unfortunately she did not receive her second chance that we so desperately wanted. Exactly eight months after being diagnosed she passed away. She never vacationed for a week at the beach. She never experienced a cruise or destination trip in the Caribbeans.

I hope this blog inspire you to take time for yourself by taking time off from work.Vacation is not a luxury. It is a necessity for maintaining a healthy balanced life.Please remember that you were not born to just work, pay bills, work some more and die. The world is huge and the world is beautiful! You should go see it.